What you can expect from us:

Large stocks and good availability on all items

In our jubelis® washable tablecloth collection, you'll find washable tablecloths that can easily be replaced. 70% of our collection has been part of our range for several years and can be bought in larger quantities. We always have several thousand rolls of washable tablecloth in stock in various locations. Oilcloth, coated cotton and foil tablecloths can always be sourced in a timely manner, when needed by our customers.

Rolls with up to 50% savings

All roles from the jubelis® Classic collection are supplied at a 50% saving compared to ready-made tablecloths and are kept at an exceptionally low price. Even if you buy Premium oilcloth, film or coated cotton rolls, you'll get big savings. All oilcloths can be easily cut with scissors. The tablecloths are firmly wound onto a cardboard core so they are stable and come supplied with an additional protective film cover.

Oilcloth rolls from the jubelis® Classic collection:

Monochrome oilcloth role
Oilcloth polka dots pattern on a roll
Oilcloth roll with floral pattern
Oilcloth roll in light blue

Cloth is cut to the desired table size

All tablecloths can be cut to the desired table dimensions. In addition to standard sizes, special dimensions and sizes can be catered for too. Made-to-measure tablecloths are wound onto a solid cardboard tube so they're guaranteed to be supplied free of any kinks or creases.

Frequently ordered tablecloth dimensions:

rectangular round square
100 x 140 cm 80 cm 80 x 80 cm
100 x 150 cm 90 cm 90 x 90 cm
100 x 160 cm 100 cm 100 x 100 cm
100 x 170 cm 110 cm 110 x 110 cm
100 x 180 cm 120 cm 120 x 120 cm
100 x 200 cm 130 cm 130 x 130 cm
140 x 220 cm 140 cm 140 x 140 cm
140 x 240 cm 150 cm 150 x 150 cm
140 x 280 cm 160 cm 160 x 160 cm