Films for the table and for decoration

Painted film is the generic term for a special film made of 100% PVC. You will find (130.150 and 180 my), widths, equipment and designs available in different strengths and is also known under the name of decorative sheet or table sheet which are commercially available.

These special films have revolutionised pieces of tableware. Instead of sensitive and complex care for table linen, cotton or polyester lacquer and table slides are on the rise. These special goods are robust, easy to clean and suitable for almost any occasion. In addition, painted or decorative sheet is very versatile.

Coated foil: Types and Uses

Painted films are produced in different qualities. Basically, these films are used as table decoration film or film for schools, nurseries or canteens and in the event catering.

Due to the variety of designs, colours and quality paint films have increased in demand in upscale restaurants. They are primarily used in the outdoor areas (bar tables and buffet tables) as well as in presentations. Especially popular are the colour-coordinated painted films or seasonal or regional patterns, including the Bavarian rhombus, Christmas motifs or festive colours like cream, red, gold or silver, which are also available as rolls.

Products from the paint film Premium Collection

Premium craft foil and foil table in yellow
Premium decorative sheet by the meter from the roll
Premium film tablecloth in round with pattern
Premium film as washable tablecloth

A paint film is used as:

  • Table film
  • decorative sheet
  • Table Protection
  • handcrafted materials
  • decoration

In many households monochrome or patterned table films can be found in daily use in the kitchen or on the terrace. Even in children's rooms, decoration and table sheets are used. The trade offers various child-friendly motifs and painted films with kitchen and garden designs. The transparent films are often used as they are intended to protect the table or the tablecloth.

Some painted films are fire resistant according to DIN 4102B or are provided with polyester backing. These special films are offered as a reflective foil or adhesive wall and ceiling coverings. Even high-gloss Lumifol film is used as a decorative foil and is highly versatile.

Maintaining and storing films

Painted films, decorative and table sheets are usually robust, non-fading and always easy to maintain. The special surface coating prevents seepage of fluids or dirt particles, so that cleaning with a damp cloth is usually enough. If sticky spots become visible, these films can be thoroughly wiped with a damp sponge and cleaning agents. Also stains from ink, pen marks, or fiber painters are removed effectively. It is not necessary to wash PVC sheets in the washing machine. Even wall coverings are washable.

Table films are mostly foldable. To avoid permanent creases, these films can be rolled onto a cardboard tube or stored hanging. If the the table films that are textiled, deep wrinkles can be ironed out cautiously and are smoothed out with moderate heat.

Care for the storage of painted films should be taken in addition to the fact that the surfaces must be dry, so that the sheets do not stick together or mold doesn't occur in the long term.