Easy-care tablecloths made from coated cotton

Coated Cotton is a material that is increasingly used in particular to tablecloths. The laminated material combines the natural look of cotton with the practical properties of coatings made from vinyl or acrylic.

These tablecloths are additionally coated with a special plastic, namely PVC based plastic. Most people are sure to already know this plastic from other areas of their home ware. PVC is an absolute all-rounder, be it as a floor covering or for isolating. Vinyl is also widely used, it is even used to create records. Due to its special coating, the cotton is given a shiny and dirt-repellent as well as a water-resistant surface. In most cases the surface can be wiped clean, but should not be completely washed, so as not to damage the coating.

Good Value for Money

Tablecloths that use coated cotton also present extremely good value for money. They are cheap to buy and durable enough to have a place in the home for several years.

Products from the Coated Cotton Premium Collection

Washable cotton tablecloths round with a striped pattern
Washable cotton by the metre with a floral pattern
Washable cotton tablecloth in green
Cotton washable cloth with patterns as tablecloth

Acrylic Coated Tablecloths

Another option is tablecloths that are coated with acrylic. They look just like normal cotton, because the surface is matt rather than shiny. However, moisture simply runs off the surface. Unlike a tablecloth with a vinyl coating, tablecloths coated with acrylic cotton can be cleaned easily in a washing machine. Another main advantage is the fact that the plastic smell is barely perceptible, while this is often not the case with vinyl. Although acrylic coated cotton products are often slightly more expensive, the benefits far outweigh the cost.

Cleaning and Impregnation of Tablecloths

If a tablecloth is compared with grease or oil that is not only water resistant, but also oil resistant, then it is important to pay attention to so-called fluorocarbons. The most famous of which is Teflon - a material that is already widely used in the coating of frying pans. If a tablecloth coated with polytetrafluoroethylene, then no oil or grease as well as numerous aggressive chemicals are able to embed themselves in the fabric and leave residues.

Teflon und Nanocoating

Many manufacturers of coated cotton revere the so-called nano-coating. This is an impregnation for cotton, which is also widely used in the footwear industry. When it comes to the prevention of spots, a nanocoating is plays a very beneficial role. These coatings lie directly on the individual fibers of cotton and not only on the surface of the tablecloth. Thus the tablecloth is much more resistant to dirt, since it cannot penetrate deep into the fibres of the fabric.

Although this type of material is not the cheapest solution, you should it not be misled: a high quality and robust tablecloth made of laminated material or coated cotton can be used flexibly, be it at a party in the garden or even for a child's birthday party.