Burghard Kuhlemann e. K.


jubelis® is a sales division of Burghard Kuhlemann S.P. based in Dessau, Saxony-Anhalt. We provide high quality washable table coverings, such as ready-made tablecloths and rolls for residential and commercial customers. We accept orders as small as a single unit of a tablecloth and as large as needed. Many well-known companies, leisure facilities, clubs, nurseries and other public institutions and authorities have been relying on our services for years.

Burghard Kuhlemann was founded in the early '90s in Dessau, initially selling clearance and remainder stock. We started dealing in oilcloth tablecloths even then. After 'The Turn', many businesses that had been expropriated were reprivatised in the GDR. The operation in Dessau then came under the ownership of VEB Plastbelag Dessau, then manufacturer of oilcloth. The company launched after the fall of the Berlin Wall with a new range of products under the name of Debolon. Burghard Kuhlemann bought the remainders from the oilcloth production in order to resell them to the end customer. Thus, trade blossomed and oilcloth become an increasingly important business segment of the company.

Further expansion came in the late '90s with the construction of our website Wachstuchverkauf.de. By this time oilcloth, tablecloths and rolls were being sold across Germany. Over the coming years, more online shops specialising in table coverings and accessories for the home and garden were added to the portfolio. The product range has continuously expanded and developed ever since. The company only had a few patterns at its inception, but remarkably evolved over the years into one of the largest oilcloth providers on the Internet.

In 2008, our site in the Dessau district of Kühnau finally became too small for us. This prompted the move to our new headquarters on larger premises and an adjoining warehouse in Dessau-Ziebigk. After our collaboration with several German manufacturers was intensified, our stock levels increased significantly over the following years once again. So around the year 2011 our inventory was pulled toward a newer, more modern and above all, larger warehouse. The equipment used in packaging table coverings has been modernized in this context. Several special clothing tables and precision cutters prompted a large capacity for production and enable us to deal with large orders as quickly as possible, and to process shipments promptly.

Today the jubelis® oilcloth is produced at various locations in Germany, Italy, Poland and Turkey. Only here will you also have a wide range of monochrome table coverings that are produced exclusively for us. In 2012, the jubelis® brand was founded, under which the classic and premium range of oilcloth are marketed. These are displayed in our online shops and on jubelis.de. Web pages for several European countries are under way in the coming year.

Our strengths are:

  • we trade with residential and business customers alike
  • we specialise in washable, high-quality table coverings
  • custom, made-to-measure and special sizes are our specialty
  • we offer unrivalled, courteous and expert customer service
  • we excel at order processing speed and hassle-free dispatch
  • our delivery times are prompt and accommodating

Avail yourself of our high-quality products and reliable services. jubelis® - let our whimsical table décor ideas inspire you.