Washable Table Coverings on Rollers

The range includes an assortment of robust table coverings that are all on a roll. All table coverings are offered to commercial customers and residential customers. The materials offered here are washable and can be easily cut. All rolls are wrapped in a protective foil. The customer can choose from a wide selection of patterns and colours, from bright and bold to attractively subtle. The price starts at just 50 Euros including free shipping and all rolls are in currently Germany.

Oilcloth Rolls

Oilcloth rolls from the jubelis® collection come in two different qualities. Classic oilcloth has a very affordable price per meter and is the most popular product in our range. Oilcloth Premium features a thicker material thickness and comes complete with a fabric backing. Oilcloth Classic features 20 meters of fabric on the roll. Premium oilcloth rolls have a length of 15 meters. The roll width is 1.40 meters in both qualities.

Oilcloth Rolls from the Classic jubelis® Collection

Uni-oilcloth Roll
Oilcloth on a Roll
Oilcloth Roll Washable
Chequered Tablecloths, Roll

Coated Cotton by the Roll

Coated Cotton is a softer material than oilcloth, it is cloth-like and therefore softer as it falls to the table edge. The surface is completely sealed and easy to clean. Cotton with a special coating is used for indoor and outdoor applications. The roll width is 1.40 meters and the roll contains a total of 20 meters.

Coated Cotton on the Roll as Part of the jubelis® Premium Collection

Monochrome Washable Cotton on a Roll
Cotton Washable Roll
Cotton Tablecloths on Rolls
Roll of Coated Cotton

Table Foil on the Roll

Table coverings are available with jubelis® in a number of different versions. The range of film from the roll comprises transparent, semi-transparent, patterned and monochrome varieties. The films are not only used to protect the surface of the table, but are also used as an attractive decorative material. The film comes would up on a stable cardboard core, which means that any unneeded reserve material can be stored easily without kinks.

Table Sheets and Decorative Sheets on a Roll from the jubelis® Premium Collection

Film Roll for the Table in White
Gold Foil Roll
Table Foil on a Roll in Green
Table Foil Rolls in Bright Colours
Material Dimensions in cm (Width x Length)
Oilcloth Classic 2000 x 140
Oilcloth Premium 1500 x 140
Cotton Coated 2000 x 140
High-gloss Paint 2000 x 130
Transparent Film with a Pattern 3000 x 140
Table Transparent Film 3000 x 130

As an alternative to whole roll of table covering, with jubelis® you can also custom make tablecloths with a bespoke tailor. Here, the shape and the dimensions are virtually unlimited.