Specified dimensions of tablecloths

Tables today have very different shapes and dimensions. Standardised tablecloths fit less and less optimally. tablecloths are needed for many different tables in the same colour or pattern, especially in the food service industry and the hotel industry. Here, the extensive collection jubelis® includes a wide range of custom fabricated made to measure tablecloth. The ready-made tablecloths are rolled up and shipped without creases.

Packaging of oilcloth and films

The washable tablecloths jubelis® collection are precisely formulated to the respective table size of the rolls. Here are the roles of special racks, suitable for tablecloths, and other table coverings, which are offered in roll form and hooked. The table covering is guided over a folding rail until the desired level is unrolled. There is a cutting blade on the rail. This is drawn in a guide in the rail transversely across the entire width of the table covering. So the table covering is packed in a single, clean cut to measure. In a short time many tablecloths can be tailored.

Washable tablecloths assembled accuratly to the table size

Washable tablecloth checkered yellow assembled in approximate size
Made up Blue plastic tablecloth square
PVC tablecloth with pattern made up approximately
Oilcloth tailored square pattern

The tablecloths rolls when oilcloth and the coated cotton have by default a width of 1.40 metres. The films offered are 1.30 metres or 1.40 metres wide. This can be shortened. The length of a role varies.

Description Length (cm) Width (cm)
Classic oilcloth 2000 140
Oilcloth Premium 1500 140
Cotton vinyl coated 2000 140
Paint film monochrome 2000 130
Transparent foil 3000 130
Transparent film patterned 3000 140

An assembly according to degree carried out without surcharge is pre ordered. For technical reasons, this confection can only be done in 10-centimetre increments.

Round oilcloth covers can be assembled from a diametre of 80 centimetres. The maximum is 140 centimetres. Special sizes and longer lengths are also possible. Please feel free to contact us by phone for any questions and for choosing the right sizes via email.