Order made to measure washable tablecloths online

We offer table coverings for you that are cut to size. Here you will find the matching tablecloth for each table as custom-made and made to measure at no extra cost.

Custom made tablecloths

We manufacture and supply the tablecloths to measure and fit any table. Of course, we also process large orders quickly and reliably, for example for major events, corporate anniversaries, weddings, fairs and meetings. Individual custom-made in many sizes, whether square or round. We assemble all table coverings precisely according to your specifications.

Our service:

  • made to measure tablecloths
  • Particularly large selection
  • fast delivery
  • competent consulting
  • Same-day shipping
  • Very favourable prices

table sizes

As varied as the living and interior design styles are today, there are also a wide variety of tables with different sizes and shapes. So you can now not only order the table linen, but also made to measure tables on the Internet. Everything is possible: small, large, long, extra wide, round, oval or ovoid or elliptical, triangular or irregularly shaped tables. Also, the purpose of a table can be quite different. Some typical table variants are listed, which illustrate the variety:

  • worktable
  • Farmhouse table
  • Side
  • Coffee Table
  • dining table
  • Conference table
  • Console table
  • Kitchen Table
  • Nightstand
  • desk
  • Bar table
  • changing table
  • Drawing board

The tables above are integrated into household or office. Other common names for tables with respect to their use are, for example:

  • extendable table
  • Balcony table
  • Banquet table
  • Beer Table
  • Buffet table
  • Children's table
  • Folding table
  • Game Table

On the table dimensions, width and length and height of the table is dealt with separately.

Examples of washable bespoke tablecloths

Tablecloth made to measure from checkered oilcloth
Tablecloth made to measure from oilcloth in square shape
Tablecloth made to measure coated cotton
Square tablecloth custom made of white oilcloth

Table heights

The standard table height for dining tables is 74-78 centimetres, although 76 centimetres are also common. This is also the usual level for writing and office tables. Bar tables are usually 110 cm high, so that you can use these tables whilst standing comfortably. Children's tables are available in different heights, suitable for small, preschool or school children. The height of a child table for toddlers is about 40 cm.

Coffee and side tables are significantly lower. There are tables in many different heights between 30 and 50 cm. Height-adjustable tables can be manually or electrically adjusted to different heights. This can be useful for example in a coffee table, which is also used for meals, or the "grow-along" desk in the nursery.


In jubelis® you will find the tablecloth and table slide in the right size and for each table - for festive occasions or for everyday wear. We manufacture custom-made table linen in brand quality and very reasonably priced too. The maximum width of oilcloth rolls is 140 cm. The minimum order quantity is 100 cm. We manufacture in 10 cm increments.

Made to measure in the following sizes are available:

square rectangular round oversize special sizes
100 x 100 cm 100 x 140 cm 80 cm 300 x 140 cm 240 x 70 cm (beer table)
110 x 110 cm 110 x 140 cm 90 cm 350 x 140 cm
120 x 120 cm 120 x 140 cm 100 cm 400 x 140 cm
130 x 130 cm 130 x 140 cm 110 cm 450 x 140 cm
140 x 140 cm 150 x 140 cm 120 cm 500 x 140 cm
160 x 140 cm 130 cm 550 x 140 cm
170 x 140 cm 140 cm 600 x 140 cm
180 x 140 cm 650 x 140 cm
190 x 140 cm 700 x 140 cm
200 x 140 cm
210 x 140 cm
220 x 140 cm
230 x 140 cm
240 x 140 cm
250 x 140 cm

The list is not exhaustive. If you do not find your desired level, please contact us. We will gladly advise you in detail.

Find the right balance

First, measure the length and width or the diametre of the table top, then add the desired tablecloths overhang. With an overhang of 20 centimetres you expect the length and width to be 40 cm in order to get the right tablecloth size.

jubelis® - quality washable table linen with various surface finishes for indoor and outdoor use:

  • Oilcloth Classic water repellent
  • Oilcloth Premium dirt and wet repellent
  • Coated cotton with stain protection equipment
  • Transparent and painted film impervious to moisture

All materials have a sealed surface that easily allow liquid and dirt to roll off.