Washable Table Coverings for a Good Atmosphere in Nursing Environments

The staff in nursing facilities take care of people who are dependent on help. It does not matter whether the people is in these care facilities are young or old people, whether their handicap is of a mental or physical nature, whether they reside temporarily or live there permanently. These people need to live in a beautiful environment and learn as much as possible despite the impairments caused by their disability case. The easily washable table coverings that are made from PVC are a wonderful help.

In these facilities when patients are eating something may go wrong. Table linen, which is easy to clean in the washing machine, must be cleaned in nursing facilities most likely after every meal in the laundry - an expense that must be paid despite the problem of tight budgets in terms of manpower and finance in the care. Washable table coverings such as wax cloths and films offer the possibility to cover a beautiful table easily and effectively. And if something lands on the table covering, it's not a big problem - either for the person who has spilled their food or drink or even for the staff.

Easy-care Tablecloths with a Washable Surface

Washable cotton tablecloth in a bright colour
Round oilcloth with colourful patterns
Angular oilcloth monochrome
Round oilcloth with flowers

These washable table coverings come in two different styles and can be used to create the perfect environment. You make a very appealing ambiance at your table and ensure that there is no reason for anyone to feel angry or impatient.

Some of the other great features of these tablecloths include:

  • Non-iron Tablecloths
  • Oilcloth Tablecloths
  • Easy to Clean Tablecloths
  • Tablecloths with Stain Protection
  • Protector for Tables
  • Stain-proof Tablecloth

Washable Tablecloths are Hygienic and Protective

In nursing homes it is essential that there be a high level of hygiene. Washable table coverings make a valuable contribution. With just a little disinfectant large areas can be effectively covered with washable table coverings, which keeps tables hygienically clean.

Another great benefit is that the hot wash setting in the washing machine that uses a lot of energy is not needed, just the right accessory for wiping. In addition, a mishap can also quickly occur during a meal. So no one has to sit at a table that is covered with stains as these spills can quickly be removed.

Washable, waterproof table coverings also effectively protect the underlying furniture surfaces. They are therefore – especially if they are used in the dining room - the ideal tablecloths to use when playing in the room.

Decoration Possibilities with Oilcloth

In nursing homes, the patients need as much simulation and as many options as possible in an otherwise quite barren environment. Again and again, the patients gather to celebrate special occasions. They a number of events celebrate together, for example:

  • Carnival
  • Easter
  • Summer
  • Harvest
  • Christmas time
  • New Year's Eve

Washable tablecloths are available as special films and as an oilcloth. In both forms, an incredible number of design variants are available. This diversity in many bright colours and beautiful patterns makes it easy to give a space a makeover and make it beautiful. Simply change the table cloths and decorate a room to suit the season.