Using washable tablecloths in leisure facilities

Recreational facilities often play a strong role for different types of people who come to eat here, play, or spend time with each other. Hostels, youth clubs, teen clubs and discos are the meeting places for young people. Museums, exhibitions and leisure parks are such examples of places where adults like to stay at. In addition to a number of ecclesiastical institutions, playgroups also offer catering.

Washable table coverings as guard cloths or sheets may be the right choice. They seem comfortable and cozy on bare tables and also protect the coated furniture from scratches, dirt and stronger abrasives.

Sports and leisure facilities:

  • Amusement park
  • Indoor and outdoor playgrounds
  • hostels
  • Children's Homes
  • Swimming pools
  • Zoo and animal parks
  • Event and party Service
  • Camping
  • Summer Camp

Tables and surfaces are treated with oilcloth covers

Small tables, large tables, round tables, square tables - for each table and each countertop we have on offer the matching table coverings made of PVC. If the tomato drips from the spoon or when a little glue has set, the durable oilcloth coverings protect the table from everything.

Coated tablecloths from the jubelis® Collection

washable tablecloth with Christmas pattern
washable tablecloth in approximate sizes
washable oilcloth for children by the metre
Tablecloths in white from the roll

Wax covers are known to be used in many people's home or garden. However, you can do an excellent job with them, when they are used in time in various recreational facilities. Cigarette ash falls next from the ashtray, beer foamed over and children mess with colours: Wax tablecloths and sheets cope with many mishaps without causing any damage. Simply wipe - ready!

Whatever the reason to use a washable tablecloth?

Another example: you bring your child to the playgroup. Here the important helper of everyday life are missing perhaps. Try it with the cheapest table coverings that are made of plastic. You will soon discover how good this protection is for the furniture  and keeps the moisture from penetrating into the surface of the tablecloth.

You might also offer gaming tables in an open meeting? On the beautiful smooth surface of the oilcloth table coverings, it can fit wonderfully, the table below does not face any problems with the burden of boxes, figures and marking materials. Try it out!

Colourful and rich in designs

The colour and pattern variety of the cloths- and films of tablecloths from jubelis® leave a lot to be desired. Whether plain or colourful, with lines or squares, flowers or animals, it is the right design for any occasion. They cover children's birthday parties at the bowling alley. Try our cheerful oilcloth with children designs made from simple patterns. washable table coverings are even suitable for parents who lovingly designed buffets at the children's football tournaments or play areas in museums. They are so robust that they can withstand a lot. A cocoa stain, however, is literally a no brainer!