Using washable tablecloths in children's facilities

Washable tablecloths are a great way to protect the tables themselves, in order to improve their durability in children's institutions. This is because the wooden tables or models come with coated surfaces, for example veneers. Tables in kids' facilities are all furniture charged as amplified and incur costs. With washable tablecloths foil, coated cotton or oilcloth this expenditure can be reduced, since the tables and other surfaces of the furniture remain intact.

The patterns available in jubelis® are suitable for all types of children's institutions such as:

  • Cribs
  • Kindergartens
  • schools
  • nursery
  • boarding school

Available are Made to measure tablecloths are available as rollers or cut pieces.

Robust and durable

Our jubelis® table coverings in different qualities are not only washable but also extremely durable. The teachers have no fear of painting, playing, and eating on the furniture. Chalk, liquid paints, crayons, play dough, glue and markers don't absorb into the material and equally remain on the surfaces of the tablecloths just as tomato and gravy, egg yolks and cherry juice. Scattered spinach, birthday cake or popular sprinkles are nothing for the robust PVC table coverings. You just wipe with a damp cloth or use a gentle cleanser as an addition.

Examples of washable tablecloths for children

washable tablecloth party pattern
Monochrome oilcloth on roll
Meterware tablecloth children
Oilcloth with numbers

These are the most common designs

  • washable tablecloths for children
  • Child- friendly tablecloths
  • Party tablecloths
  • Stain-proof tablecloth
  • Tablecloths as Bastel Pad
  • Protective tablecloths

Receive decks for all occasions

Of course, we have no deck unit, but many colourful models in all sizes. We are happy to provide rolls that are cut for long bench tables, beer garden tables and other purposes to the specific size.

The advantage is that you can use the deck indoor and outdoor and can then buy any new furniture to match the clean tablecloths, as it would be usual with pure fabric qualities. In addition, the table cloths can be selected so large or cut with children pattern that they reach down far beyond the edges of tables or flush with the tabletop. The blankets are soft and firm on the table and can not slip through their special surface.

Therefore, they are a better alternative to individual sets that carry the child with his elbow quickly and accidentally on the floor. The gameplay only really come up with these blankets to carry, because the little ones hardly have to be careful when they eat, play or crafts. You must just be careful that you don't stab them with sharp objects such as sharp scissors directly and violently in the deck.