Use of washable table coverings in the household

Washable table coverings are on offer for a variety of uses in the household. Their easy care makes them ideal for a wide variety of jobs and tasks all year round.

In the kitchen

The classical place for oilcloth is the kitchen. On the kitchen table, you can do your food preparation using a quilt or sheet. Since the oilcloth needs to be wiped with a damp cloth, it does not matter if the work isn't done cleanly.

All kinds of stains can be removed easily with a wipe cloth and water, so no special care with food preparation is necessary:

  • Stains from juice, beetroot or the like, no longer stay on normal textiles
  • Grease stains
  • Crumbs are simply wiped dry
  • Cake can be easily processed on the table mat - it only requires some sprinkling of flour

The preparation of food on the wipeable table lining facilitates work noticeably since - except when cutting - no more support is needed. In addition, the quick wet wiping is very hygienic. Dirt and germs can not be kept on the surface and are immediately removed without leaving residues.

Examples of washable table cloths from the jubelis® collection

Garden tablecloth plastic
Round table washable lining
Kitchen tablecloth made of PVC
Kitchen tablecloth by the meter

Ideal for children

Kids love to paint using inks, knead and crayon sticks. All these things they can do on washable table coverings that are made of oilcloth and coated fabrics without much effort. The hard-wearing, easy-care wax quilt or table film is simply placed on the children's table and the little ones let their creativity run wild without the table itself, or the nice tablecloth being affected. This way it makes the children have even more fun and after a certain age, they are even able to clean the washable tablecloth themselves.

On the terrace

Even outdoors, it is easy to clean wax tablecloths wherever tables are used. Garden tables benefit the most as they are covered with a moisture-repellent coating, because it not only protects against contamination by foods when it is eaten outdoors. The robust lining also prevents weather conditions such as rain and wind to cause damage. This is very advantageous especially in high-quality wooden tables.

Many people use washable tablecloths on other occasions. Here are some examples:

  • As an underlay on work surfaces in the hobby room
  • When children celebrate their birthday on table cloths
  • As a picnic blanket in the garden

It thus becomes clear: This easy-care and robust oilcloth covering can be used virtually anywhere in the home and those who've learned their benefits will not want to miss out.

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