For indoors and outdoors - modern water repellent tablecloths

Particularly in the hospitality sector and also in residential homes, they have long since proven that they are used more and more frequently used: Weatherproof and water repellent tablecloths are an indispensable part of many restaurants and gardens. The versatile table covers are ideal for use in outdoor areas because they survive even the most adverse weather conditions. Contamination by spilled drinks or food also can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth. Therefore PVC tablecloths are considered particularly easy to clean, because the moisture can not penetrate into the tissue and can lead to lower pollution.

Moisture repellent covers - the low cost version

Moisture repellent table covers are made of different materials. The most famous version is the classic wax tablecloth, consisting of either a film or a PVC coated fabric. Although wax tablecloths are now available in quite appealing designs, they have often delivered unsightly marks  that can no longer be completely removed.

jubelis® also provides individual tablecloths that are rolled up. Each fabric is wound tightly on a cardboard roll: So nothing can slip, creases and folds can not arise. The surface of the pads is heat proof, depending on quality and resistance to fading. The Premium oilcloth from the jubelis® collection is manufactured in Germany and is particularly resistant to heat and UV radiation. For cleaning, it is recommended to use a damp cloth and possibly a little detergent. The washing machine and dryer should be avoided, since this can also lead to unwanted wrinkles in the material.

Water-repellent tablecloths from jubelis®

Coated cotton water repellent as coated tablecloth
Water-resistant checked oilcloth
Table film water resistant and robust
Waterproof tablecloth by the metre

Textile covers with sealed surface

These water repellent tablecloths are available in numerous price ranges that take significant influence on the quality of the product. The durability of the sealed surface and the flexibility and appearance of tablecloths can vary greatly. Basically, the more cotton a sealed tablecloth contains, the clearer and softer the material and structure become.

Can be sealed in completely different ways. One known method is the nanosealing, which is advertised as a lotus effect. This makes the table cove completely waterproof, so that drops of water fall off it. Note that this doesn't happen on the entire surface, but the individual fibers are sealed. Oily liquids such as sauces can nevertheless penetrate the tissue and settle there under certain circumstances. To clean the cushions, you can put them at low temperatures in the washing machine. Adding softeners should be avoided though.

Tablecloths with acrylic coating

An acrylic coating on weatherproof and water repellent tablecloths is permanent and withstands frequent washing in the machine. The coating also ensures that no moisture or dirt can penetrate into the tissue.

Even outdoor use of acrylic covers is possible: The tablecloth is preserved reliably and doesn't face fading as it retains its colour even in the brightest sunlight. The price of water-repellent acrylic tablecloths is decided on durability: one who digs a little deeper into the pocket, usually enjoys the benefits of a washable tablecloth.