Taking care of plastic tablecloths

Plastic tablecloths are also known as foil tablecloths - but these two concepts are not identical. The cloth exists on the surface of PVC, on the underside of non-woven. Film tablecloths can be used on both sides. A cotton tablecloth is very appealing, which is covered with a very thin, highly robust and almost  unnoticeable acrylic or vinyl layer. Such tablecloths fall almost like normal fabric tablecloths, but are much easier to care for and also suitable for the garden table.

Plastic tablecloths - simply practical

Modern tablecloths that are made of plastic are water repellent, wet wipeable, and look attractive. It  shows the classic tablecloths have grown in popularity in every respect. Above all, they must be specially treated as they are expensive to clean. If for example, red wine, red cabbage or ketchup causes stains, these surfaces can be ironed, thus saving a lot of effort and time.

Washable plastic tablecloths from the jubelis® Collection

Cotton tablecloth with a plastic coating
Plastic tablecloth in approximate sizes
Plastic tablecloth by the metre with stripe pattern
Plastic tablecloth in round with pattern

Durable and robust

Such tablecloths are suitable for all areas with frequent exposure, whether nursing homes, restaurants or even one's own home with young children. Here nobody will be without beauty and style. There are many colours of the rainbow on offer, either in university or in colourful pattern compilation. There are also checks, stripes, abstract and concrete subjects.

Plastic tablecloths are suitable for any application, whether garden or hobby room, indoor and outdoor events or professional events. One can hardly live without them. No fear of sauces and spills, guests are also welcome as they can be wiped and cleaned again and again. The surfaces become ready for use again. Incidentally, it can also be very good at tinkering plastic tablecloths.

The matching surface for each table

Plastic tablecloths are quickly cleaned and folded. They survive the winter without any problems in a box if you are using them on the patio table. However, the beautiful fabric will get wasted if not used properly, and that'll be a shame. Why not  test it  on the table in the conservatory or at a family gathering.

There are different shapes and sizes to ensure the right plastic tablecloth is used on every table: oval or round, square or rectangular. The upper part should generously hang down at the sides, thus they are better on the table. A fabric with fleece slips less, a mere foil blanket you can lay on the tablecloth on the days when meals are eaten.

Choose diversity

You cannot decide on a suitable  cover? Then choose two or more models. An outstanding point of tablecloths made of plastic is their low price. A neutral and a season-tablecloth, a model for kitchen and another with children's room designs always bring variety to the table.