Protective Tablecloth Foil and Decorative

Foil covers are probably the most practical tablecloths of all, because they have many advantages:

  • They are available in transparent and opaque appearances.
  • They are easily washable and reversible.
  • Since they are weatherproof, they are suitable for outdoor use in private homes and in restaurants.
  • Protect the table and tablecloth that remains visible under the transparent films.
  • They are easy to iron, can be folded up small and save on storage space.
  • They are available in countless colours and in all sizes and shapes, while rolls are also available.
  • They are very light and therefore easy to handle.
  • They can be easily cut to size with scissors.

These are the main criteria that make tablecloths film extremely pleasant table coverings. The thin plastic film is not underpinned by a fleece, so these covers can also be used for longer periods outdoors and there will be no problem with damp weather. They are suitable for everyday life as well as special feasts, for hotels and nursing homes, for day care and barbecues.

The covers always look good and will not be stained by wine or gravy. With a mop, you can remove all liquids easily and the feast will be able to continue. Children can play on this cover and, if allowed, create works of art on it. Because these covers are likely to slip more easily than heavy tablecloths, they should probably be fixed with table brackets.

Tablecloth Film from the jubelis® Collection

Film tablecloth in lilac
Film tablecloth in gold for round tables
Washable table film by the metre
Washable table transparent film

The new table films - very modern and very resilient

The times of classic, somewhat boring washable tablecloths are long gone. Modern art films look very chic and can be ordered in a wide range of different colours. Do you prefer pastel tones or bright and bold colours? Or do you prefer subtle floral patterns or abstract patterns?

Adorable pictures butterflies are unusual and stylish. However, a Skyline - that is something one rarely sees on tablecloths. The new effect will be very stimulating. Floral patterns are also created on the foils in natural colours or silver - it naturally works with how the table is otherwise decorated and covered.

Candles make the film cover shimmer and shine, porcelain underscores the tones for the discerning customer. Tablecloths and crystal coated foil reflect the light in a very harmonious way, resulting in an ultra-stylish look.

Available in All Sizes

Does your table have unusual dimensions? That is no problem, of course, jubelis® cuts the right size to measure your table accurately. Alternatively, the film can be ordered by the metre or in rolls if you want to tailor your own film tablecloths. Otherwise you can make your selection from or customised offers: round, square and rectangular shapes are assembled in many sizes and shipped to you quickly.