Stain Removal with a Wiper

Stain proof Tablecloths are used primarily in the hospitality industry, but they can also be used in any household by themselves. The stain protection of Teflon is now implemented to be so inconspicuous that it is practically no longer visible. At first glance, these stain protected tablecloths have nothing in common with the conventional wax tablecloths in the beer garden – except that the stain protection works just as well.

What are Stain Proof Tablecloths?

Another argument for the use of these tablecloths in the living room, in the office or in the interiors of dignified restaurants reveals itself from the materials used to create the stain protected tablecloths. This can be very high quality indeed. This type of table linen is lined with stain protection among others:

  • Cotton/polyester in Combination
  • Polyester alone
  • Damask
  • Dralon (acrylic fibre)

Stain Proof Tablecloths with a Coating from the Jubelis® Collection

Round Patterned Cotton Stain Protection Tablecloth
Stain proof tablecloth with an embossed surface
Oilcloth in round with stain protection
Patterned fabric oilcloth with surface protection

The stain protection also works via a Teflon, vinyl or acrylic finish, so that liquids roll of it. At the same time, this prevents contaminants from entering into the tissue of the fabric. These materials can also be washed at 60°C, while the stain protection is maintained over a long period of time.

Why is Stain Protection so Important for Tablecloths?

It's not just a question of making sure that tablecloths are easy to clean. You can pollute your dining area significantly without this protection, they must be cleaned so that there are hardly any artificial colours or loss of quality. Someone who is merely wiping dirt with greasy sauces, coffee or wine from an unprotected tablecloth with some pressure will actually be doing more harm than good.

Many households now hesitate before using stain protected tablecloths because they still have a bit of a stigma, it would possibly be a bit inferior to them for their guests to see this protection. But this is not the case. For example, there are Damask tablecloths with stain protection that come in various colours and patterns, which do not obviously display the special coating.

The beautiful heavy fabric ensures an elegant image of the tablecloth, the stain protection equipment is visually unrecognisable. In practical use, however, the owner will not become uneasy when a wine glass falls, the coffee drips out of the pot or the sauce will inadvertently be tilted. The liquids are easily wiped off, so that such "stain remover tablecloths" do not need to be washed even over extended periods. Of course, they can be washed easily and adapt to ironing on the back side very well.

Caring for Stain protected Tablecloths

Caring owners can wipe over the stain proof tablecloth after use with a damp cloth and apply a damp cloth to the edges. If something is spilled on this tablecloth, the item should be removed quickly, because pigment containing substances such as red wine or ketchup could slightly discolour the surface. The tablecloths can be washed at 60°C, ironed on the back, which provides the impregnation protection restoration property. Softeners or cleaning agents containing chlorine should be avoided in the care of stain protected tablecloths.