High stain protection thanks to sealed tablecloth

If linen tablecloths are sealed, the surface is treated so that it is moisture and stain resistant. A coating of PVC, vinyl or acrylic ensures that stains and moisture can not penetrate into the fibres. The contaminants remain on the surface and can be easily removed with a damp cloth.

Therefore they are very suitable wherever there is some spillage. Also in rehabilitation centers, retirement and nursing homes as well as in children's institutions, but also with large street parties and private birthday parties wax tablecloths and coated cotton blankets are used. You will immediately think of using sealed tableclothes for any occasion.

Sealed tablecloths of different materials from jubelis®

Top quality fabric oilcloth with sealed luxury and floral pattern
Sealed cotton as washable tablecloth
Sealed tablecloth oilcloth with modern patterns
Oilcloth fabric with sealed surface and black squares

Clean the sealed fabric safely and quickly

The robust cover comes with adhesive that neither red wine or spinach can stain. Wipe with the damp cloth - in no time it is ready for use again. Champagne at New Year, punch at the Spring Festival or the anniversary with many guests: Wherever appetizers are enjoyed on small plates and drinks are refilled again and again, where people with drinks in hand standing at tables or exotic snacks like caviar eat canapés, the tablecloths with surface sealant are welcome.

How quickly you will come across someone spilling something or a neighbour turning at the wrong moment!  The aperitif that slips from the mayonnaise baguette: Only sealed tablecloths makes this anything but a problem. When children spill the whole mustard, ketchup or suck candy, due to the anti-soiling properties, the host or hostess need not worry. Only a simple wipe, and everything is clean again and ready for use.

Which spots are hovering about? Everyone has their fears, because normal tablecloths must be cleaned and ironed; sometimes even away from home, because the cleaning options are limited at home. Therefore, cake and coffee are calling for such a sturdy base that not only is convenient, moreover, but looks very dapper.

Which tablecloth dimensions are desired?

Which designs you want for which events? The jubelis® collection offers plain-coloured, colourful and strictly patterned tablecloths and especially numerous sizes and shapes. It will be tailored to the desired size such as rectangular, square and round tablecloths.

Likewise, tablecloths are available from the roll. Enter Simply the desired dimensions of the table coverings and then they are professionally packed and shipped promptly. Of course you can also buy a complete roll of coated table linen and finish the tablecloths yourself if you want. They can easily be cut with scissors to the right shape.

Maybe you are not planning to have tablecloths, but want pieces of crafts or as a wall and floor covering. The sealed oilcloth covers are suitable for many applications, can be sewn and glued. Get creative!