So much more than a tablecloth

Many people remember the oilcloth tablecloths in their grandmother’s garden or kitchen. The idea of manufacturing moisture repellent tablecloths is not an entirely new one, although combining high quality materials with beautiful designs is a modern invention.

Laminated table linen saves time, effort and money

What an ingenious invention: tablecloths made from fabric and festive damask look wonderful but are decidedly labour-intensive. Just think about plum juice, tomato sauce and spinach! Every mother and housewife – and today many househusbands too – know the horror of seeing colour pouring onto a white tablecloth. It hardly ever comes out.

It’s no wonder that oilcloth tablecloths have always been popular, especially for everyday use. These days, people like to use stylish tablecloths for parties and even for christenings or weddings. Fancy designs and unparalleled, high-quality workmanship make for excellent credentials and deliver oilcloths made from acrylic or vinyl from their previously dubious reputation – somehow the whiff of mundaneness and old-fashioned convservatism had stuck to the product. Today, that's a thing of the past.

PVC tablecloths from the jubelis® collection

PVC items for the table
Round PVC tablecloth with flower design
Oilcloth tablecloths with treated surface
PVC Maritime tablecloth

PVC tablecloths, from the rustic to the sophisticated

The diversity of the range in the jubelis® online shop speaks volumes. Discover well over 400 different designs! Oilcloth and transparent tablecloths, as well as laminated cotton tablecloths, will get you in the right mood for mealtimes, coffee breaks and leisure time, or doing arts and crafts with the children and grandchildren.

And if you find yourself in a children’s nursery, or a care home, you will quickly understand the advantages of combining beauty with functionality. Young and old alike will love the bright and elegant styles and colours; try them out for yourself!

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Competitive prices mean that you can afford to cover most of you balcony and garden tables with washable tablecloths, for example in a café or restaurant, hotel or spa. Wooden tables lend a rustic, convivial style to an occasion but even they will stain if coffee, tea, cream cake, chocolate and other substances are spilt on them.

Whether you buy a laminated tablecloth, a classic oilcloth, or a super-thin, transparent plastic tablecloth, you will see that your guests feel just as at home as they ever did but that you have saved yourself lots of work. The high-quality fabric is robust and weatherproof – even for tablecloths with no lining. When a shower takes you by surprise, or the tablecloth is accidently left outside, there’s no problem.

Fabric tablecloths on the other hand, don’t take well to rain, dirt, flower blossom or earth and have to be washed, rinsed and finally ironed. This is not true of PVC tablecloths. You can simply wipe them clean and they are ready for the next guests.