Painted films for parties, gastronomy and catering

The painted tablecloths from the jubelis® collection consist of high gloss vinyl film and have a special surface coating. A transparent protective film protects the surface. Before first use, it can be easily removed. Thus, these tablecloths hang very nicely on the table. What is striking is of course their shiny surface. The new models are very stylish and have different colours on both sides. So you can choose the mood you wish to express your room on that particular day.

Uni or colourful?

Painted tablecloths are always stylish and suitable for every table. With single-colour versions are found in children's parties and garden parties which can also be equipped as cafeteria tables in the company or bistro tables in the restaurant or a hotel. Use painted film for seminars and conferences, where snacks are offered. Other occasions see colourful streamers and fancy table decorations on black or dark blue blankets which are particularly attractive.

Washable paint tablecloths from the jubelis® Collection

Angular paint film as a table cover in red
Patterned resist film by the metre on roll
Bright paint film with a subtle pattern
Yellow paint films tablecloth in approximate sizes

An outlandish idea are the painted tablecloths to a wedding or baptism. They are washable and keep every battle at the cold buffet of - the food can of course also be prepared on the table covering. Once wiped vigorously, the surface becomes once again clean and ready for use. You must not be washed and ironed and wrinkle free. In addition, they can be folded very well and stored. Painted tablecloths are robust and durable so that you enjoy using them.

Painted tablecloths for the glamorous table

Painted tablecloths shimmer when illuminated by candles and are therefore beautifull for a dinner for two. Of course, the durable films are also suitable for a teenage party that lasts until late at night. The models are also available with various designs. Must resist tablecloths not be monochromatic. Still a nice dishes on plain table linen looks particularly good. The colour contrast, and pattern of the harness is highlighted thereby. The special ornamental character of paint tablecloths results primarily through its shiny appearance.

Vast colour and size selection

High-quality painted tablecloths from the jubelis® collection are available in numerous shapes and colours as well as in many transparent designs. Also you can choose different dimensions or specify your desired size - the covers will be tailored to measure.

  • black
  • white
  • green
  • lime
  • red
  • yellow
  • blue
  • cappuccino
  • mint
  • gold
  • silver

If you want, you can alter them yourself; You simply order the size in metre that you need or the entire rolls. This is 20 metres long, the width of the painted film is 1.30 metres. We are happy to advise you in order to make your decision easier. The selection is great, the prices low - no wonder you like all of our painted tablecloths!