Non-iron tablecloths save time and hassle

Anyone who has ever ironed a tablecloth with difficulty at home, knows the principle of non-iron models and greatly appreciates them. This is especially true for large covers as they are used in companies or extendable tables. The labourwork takes enormous effort, a lot of time and will never be perfectly accurate.

Alternatively, let your tablecloths' fine fabrics flatten in the cleaning - these costs you can avoid with easy-care tablecloths. Non-iron tablecloths are made of special materials and are as attractive as traditional ones.

Select high-quality films, coated cotton or oilcloth and browse through the offers in jubelis® Online Shop. With more than 500 different designs, many shapes, colours, patterns and sizes, you will find a model that you like.

Washable tablecloth is always ready for use

The jubelis® range includes tablecloths and rolls, which are suitable for inside and out and are easy to wipe. You do not need to be washed and therefore not ironed. Where others might decide at the end against any tablecloth because they shy away from the strap total work or travel and ironing costs and expenses, just insert one of the beautiful ceiling made of washable material on the table.

Washable tablecloths of jubelis® - iron and durable

Non-iron plastic tablecloth
Non-iron tablecloth with colourful patterns
Non-iron table linen with stain protection
Tablecloths iron PVC

If you are a restaurateur looking for non-iron table linen, we can present you with numerous models, which will be an excellent fit to your interior. On request, we cut tablecloths that are made to measure and have a long life even under heavy load.

In general, the non-iron tablecloths come to good use everywhere in order to save time and money. And where would that not be the case? The staff in kindergartens and nursing homes, for example, can truly turn to better products that help them save money in a much more meaningful way.

Inexpensive, high quality and fully durable

The good price-performance ratio of non-iron tablecloths are enough to inspire people to purchase a second design, perhaps in a different size. You can decorate all the tables in this way, each in a different colour, to match the furniture or the respective event. Party tablecloths and garden tablecloths for the balcony table are just as important as elegant designs for the venue.

When choosing coated cotton, you can hardly see the difference with a fabric cover without coating. The washable models have a very thin vinyl or acrylic layer with the cotton fabric that's resistant to all stains. The fabric falls apart especially when you let it hang a bit more from the sides. The ambience looks welcoming right away.