Garden tablecloths - practical decorative tablecloths with a difference

Suitable for a garden party or on the afternoon coffee table, garden tablecloths should always be easy to clean as well as be washable. A glass can be easily knocked over or a mustard stain land on the cloth but, if a tablecloth is practical, useful and washable, accidents aren't a problem. All spills and stains are gone in a single wipe and an unexpected downpour can't harm it.

Our wide range of tablecloths made from wax, film or coated cotton provide the perfect solution for every occasion. Classical floral patterns can be as attractive as nature motifs or elegant coloured designs. Individual homes and lifestyles can easily be reflected in our tablecloths.

Tastefully designed

Washable tablecloths can be used all year round because of their robust material. Red wine or coffee stains and even pollen can be cleaned off. A garden table can remain decoratively covered through wind and bad weather. Garden tablecloths can even match the seasons, with floral patterns, fruit or berries. Juicy cherries or strawberries are very appealing and encourage a good appetite.

The jubelis® collection of plastic garden tablecloths

Garden oilcloth tablecloth with poppy motif
PVC garden tablecloths with appealing designs
Round garden tablecloth with washable surface in yellow
Weatherproof garden oilcloth cover with fruit motif

An attractively laid table helps create a cheerful atmosphere and a great mood. The rather old-fashioned image of a wax tablecloth is now a thing of the past. Brimming with modern charm and versatile designs, our practical tablecloths reign supreme not only in a garden but also on a balcony. Cheeky, funny or elegant, a garden tablecloth can be unveiled at family reunions or summer theme parties.

Square or round for everyday use

Long or round tables are no problem when it come to garden tablecloths. With various materials, designs and patterns to choose from, both cloth and wax coated cotton tablecloths really inspire laying the table, especially when there's a tablecloth for each and every occasion.

An very individual style can be created, not only through different prints and colours but also in the different sizes and shapes available. A garden tablecloth these days is much more than a simple garden tablecloth, it's an everyday accessory, coming in square and round shapes as well as by the metre. The latter is particularly good for larger celebrations  because longer tables, and more than one table, can all be matched up with the same look.

The advantages are all laid out

Garden tablecloths are quality items. It's important to get more than just one summer from a tablecloth. The weight of the material and the cushioned backings made from fleece or fabric are amongst their many features. In addition to this, a garden tablecloth should be non-slip and here its coated finish plays a significant role. A shiny and rather artificial-looking product can be a sign of inferior quality. In summary, coated tablecloths are decorative, easy to clean and really eye-catching.