Easy to Care for Contemporary Table Linen

When do you put a tablecloth that you particularly like under your dishes? Probably only on special occasions as you know that you will have to clean and iron it again later. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to finally have an easy care cloth to wipe clean and that can be used immediately afterwards again?

No fear of spills and splashes, before handicrafts of children and all coloured spots: red wine, ketchup, tomato, spinach, beetroot, peppers, broccoli and other tasty foods and drinks can continue be brought to the table and, if necessary put down right beside your child’s plate. You acknowledge this only with a smile and take a damp cloth, simply mop up the mess and the mishap is eliminated.

Easy Care Tablecloths make Everyday Life Easier

Although we now have more electrical appliances than our ancestors, the housework chores still often seem to have no end. Fortunately there are easy care tablecloths that you can use to decorate your home with and yet will not give you any additional work to do. This of course applies equally to public and private institutions, for bistros and dormitories, canteens and hotels. The designs are so varied that these easy care tablecloths can also be made from oilcloth and even can provide extra awareness because they are so beautiful.

Easy Care Tablecloths made to Measure by jubelis®

Easy Care Plastic Tablecloth for Square Tables with a Blue Chequered Pattern
Easy Care Cotton Tablecloth with a Coated Surface in Yellow
Easy to Clean Round Oilcloth in Bordeaux
Durable Oilcloth with Modern Patterns

Choose Beauty: No pure white and cold looking table, but a rose blanket welcomes the guest. Or: The party can soar, not on bare plastic tables, but on table coverings with funny, wild or related themes. Balloons and butterflies always fit, balls, cupcakes and ice cream cones are ideal for birthdays, sweet figures are suitable for children's parties.

For decadent occasions there are luxurious film ceiling in silver and gold, filigree patterns, delicate ornaments or small birds. How about a baptism, where the breakfast will be offered on new tablecloths with a special coating? Discover the numerous possibilities of easy care tablecloths - they are available for every occasion and come in a wide range of wonderful designs. The selection is huge, and choosing just one is certainly not easy. Of course, you will also find solid coloured oilcloth table covers here. Whether you are looking for matching tablecloths for an anniversary or 70th birthday, the jubelis® collection offers the perfect thing.

Inexpensive and Robust

Interestingly, these are washable table coverings that are made from PVC or vinyl coated cotton available at attractive prices, with durability and a wide range of applications. The tablecloths are not only easy to clean, but are also very robust. They are supplied either by the metre or on rolls. Oilcloth, for example, does not fray so that the desired table linen measure can be cut precisely, without the need for lining the cut edges. The 20 metre rolls are particularly suitable for large events or long buffet tables. Matching tablecloths for tables and beer for round Tables are also available.